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In memory of her granddaughter, woman organizes benefit for boy with brain cancer

Julian Galloway
Posted at 9:51 PM, Mar 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-04 23:38:39-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The phrase goes, “for the kids.” Those words never meant more to Debra Eulenfeld then they have for the last 13 years. Lately, she’s focused on organizing for Julian Galloway.

5-year-old Julian was diagnosed with brain cancer around Christmas 2019. Through the grapevine, Eulenfeld learned about the boy.

"I met them on Facebook," said Eulenfeld. "I read his story and I just—my heart went out to them because I’ve been through it."

Eulenfeld’s granddaughter, 3-year-old Morgan Thomas, died of brain cancer after Thanksgiving 2007. She fought the disease for seven months. Parents of both children learned about the cancer after consistent headaches and vomiting.

This created an instant connection between Debra Eulenfeld and the Galloway family.

"We felt like we we’re family already," Eulenfeld said. "We just—we weren’t strangers at all. Because we’ve been through it and I know what it’s like."

Eulenfeld has now organized a benefit for Julian at the South Texas Ice House, Sunday March 14. They’ll have a barbecue, live music, an auction and 50/50 raffle.

"We never know what we need," said Monica Galloway, Julian's mother. "We don’t know. We’re just so overwhelmed and we’re just so stressed all of the time... And so, when someone comes and says ‘Look we’ve been through it, this is what helped us. We want to help you in this way.’ We’re very grateful."

Since Morgan's death, Eulenfeld said she's participated in several benefits for children with the disease.

Monica said her son is in good spirits and they look forward to a fun filled day at the benefit.

"i think it’s going to be a big event and I hope it is for this little boy," Eulenfeld said. "I mean, people helped us out when our family was going through it and it was a big help. Just the community—people you don’t know and it makes you feel very warm inside. It’s a good thing."

"He’s stronger than all of us, for sure," Monica said.

The benefit begins at 11 a.m and will continue through day. Tickets for the event are $10 ahead of time, $12 at the door.

Items are still needed for the auction. A planning meeting scheduled for Sunday March 7.

If you’d like to help out or buy tickets to the event you can contact the two women on Facebook.

Monica Galloway's Facebook Page.

Debra Eulenfeld Facebook Page.

Event Facebook Page.