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Three cats dead, four properties damaged after fire on Ormand St.

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Posted at 3:47 PM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-26 12:59:51-04

UPDATE 3/26-

According to the Corpus Christi Fire Department, the fire that took place on the 1400 block of Ormand St. on Thursday started in a garage on 1421 Ormand before it spread to the house. It then spread to the detached garage next door.

In total, the fire damaged four properties, with heat damage made on the side of a third neighboring home, and the fence being burned on a fourth.

No human injuries were reported, but three cats were pronounced dead.

The cause of the fire is still undetermined.


Two houses were damaged after a fire broke out on the 1400 block of Ormand Drive on Thursday afternoon.

The fire started just before 1:00 p.m. near Melbourne right by the Bucanneer Apartments. The Corpus Christi Fire Department's fire chief told KRIS 6 News one house was occupied when the fire broke out, but no injuries have been reported.

The fire is under investigation.