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Hoot hopes for triumphant finish tonight on Voice finale

Jake Hoot
Posted at 12:54 PM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-17 15:58:11-05

Corpus Christi native Jake Hoot and three other finalists from “The Voice” gave it their all in last night's finale performances.

On tonight’s show, we’ll find out who’s the winner.

Rose Short had the honor of closing the program’s finale on Monday.

And after a three-performance night, Team Gwen’s artist felt relieved.

“The best part of it all is, I feel like I did a thing where I completed something and I feel good,” she said.

Ricky Duran says days of rehearsals left his voice a bit weary.

But Team Blake’s singer fought through it to open the show.

“That chorus was giving me trouble,” Duran said. “And I said I gotta put myself out there and give it my all to get there.”

An Aerosmith classic got the Katie Kadan treatment.

And John Legend also turned her loose on a bluesy original.

“The audience was so gracious,” Kadan said. “And I could feed off of them, in a way and they could feed off of me. which I just love.”

Hoot says his holiday duet with Coach Kelly Clarkson was a highlight.

But singing the original song he co-wrote was a sentimental event.

“It was incredible,” he said. “I never thought that would ever happen. And I feel like a broken record, because I keep saying I thought that would never happen but every day, it's just another thing that just blows my mind.”

And for the winner tonight, one more mind-blowing moment awaits later tonight.

The two-hour finale of “The Voice” airs tonight on KRIS-TV, beginning at 8 p.m.