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Gregory residents reflect on Capitol storming

Posted at 7:04 PM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 20:04:18-05

GREGORY — A small sense of unity could be noticed throughout the small city in San Patricio County — with several wishing that the country as a whole is able to move past the rioting that broke out in the nation’s Capitol Building yesterday.

“It’s a scary thing,” said longtime Gregory resident Ernest Menchaca “It’s a scary thing that needs to be controlled. It needs to come under control.”

Menchaca, like many Americans, is critical of the police response that led to the damage of the national building that’s seen as most recognized symbol of democratic government.

“Apparently, nobody was ready for this, I don’t see why — they knew it was coming,” he said, later reflecting on his small-town life. “I’m almost thankful that I live where I live. Whoever’s to blame, it wasn’t this way before the Trump administration and we don’t need a dictator.”

Katie Claudio, another San Patricio resident, has made it a point to try and remain neutral politically. However, she said that the violence that took over D.C. by supporters of President Trump was not right.

“I don’t think the riots were the best idea know, as far as making a stance,” Claudio said. “There are some people who that do have a certain standpoint — I just really didn’t think it was a positive thing for our country.

“And I think it was really sad what happened — there was someone got shot, so I thought that was really sad.”

On the subject of president-elect Joe Biden’s certification to be the next president come Jan. 20, Claudio said she believes this direction is for the best.

“It will be a step forward,” she said. “Like you said —trying to come together as one — not sounding like a hippie, but you know, as a country — it’s what we need.”

Although Menchaca said coming together will be an uphill battle, he said it’s still possible.

“I think we can come back together” he said. “I think we can make it again, make it work.”

KRIS 6 News also spoke with U.S. Representative Michael Cloud, who was in the House Chambers when the protests turned violent. The full interview of his experience can be found here.

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