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Missing one-wheeler returned to area sixth-grader

Evelyn McDevitt's missing toy returned by neighbor
Evelyn McDevitt was reunited with her one wheel electric board
Sixth grader Evelyn McDevitt
Posted at 10:00 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-06 22:11:40-05

UPDATE: A Seashore Middle School sixth-grader got some good news today when her one-wheel electric board was returned to her by a neighbor.

The mother of Evelyn McDevitt tells KRIS 6 News that the electric board was returned when a neighbor who lives close by brought it back to the family.

Brande Flamez, Evelyn's mother, said the board was returned on Saturday - Evelyn's birthday. It is used by all of her children.

The board disappeared Friday after Evelyn took a tumble while riding with her older sister and little brother en route to school.

She went to a home for treatment and the Good Samaritan on Coquina Street took her safely home to her parents. She didn't remember that her one wheel was missing until she got home.

The quick actions of the man got the board back to her for more play on Saturday.

And here's our original story ...

Things could have turned out so much worse for a young girl on her way to school, if it weren’t for the acts of good samaritan. After a series of unfortunate events, a sixth grade student could use your help.

Sixth grader Evelyn McDevitt was on her way to Seashore Middle School Friday morning, riding her one wheel electric board as she usually does.

"I was rushing because my older sister and little brother were ahead of me and I hit a rock and kind of went flying," said McDevitt. "So I went to the house that was nearest with the most cars and I met this really nice lady."

"At first we were a little in shock," Brande Flamez said, McDevitt's mother. "I mean, she was wearing white soccer shorts and there was blood and her shirt was cut open."

It was on Coquina Bay Ave. this neighbor allowed McDevitt to use the phone, but after no answers she offered to give her a ride home just a few blocks.

"I was thinking, oh who was here?" said Flamez. "And I came down and I saw Evelyn. She just started to cry. She was cut up a little bloody."

McDevitt says she’s all good minus a few scrapes. She said she had never taken a tumble like that, but it dawned on her shortly after. Where’s the one wheel?

"The first five minutes we took some time to bandage me up get some hydrogen peroxide on there," McDevitt said. "Then he was like, 'Wait, where’s the one wheel?' And I was like, 'I left it in the middle of the road, it should still be there now.' And it was gone."

It was a one wheel pint, with an orange hood and vans sticker that McDevitt recently got for Christmas. It's something all McDevitt's siblings enjoy using. All this comes before her birthday on Saturday.

"More importantly, we just want to thank our neighbors that we didn’t even know that stopped and helped Evelyn," Flamez said. "This lady was on her way to work. She didn’t have to take time out of her day."

Unfortunately, the family didn't catch the name of the good samaritan.

The family looked around for the missing one wheel with no luck. They are asking if you’ve seen it or are someone looking to return it, you can contact Flamez on her Facebook page, here.