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German restaurant and bakery in Coastal Bend reaches out to community for support

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Posted at 8:44 AM, Apr 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-07 15:55:31-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The only German restaurant in the Coastal Bend is reaching out to the community for support after its owner and baker suffered a stroke last week.

Co-owner Brigitte Kazenmayer ofJB’s German Restaurant & Bakery said her husband Juergen was released from the hospital Tuesday and is at home recovering.

However, they’re struggling with medical bills.

“So, we have to pay the rehab out of our pocket,” Kazenmayer said. Until a customer stepped in to help.

“And he offered to do the rehab for Juergen for free,” Kazenmayer said.

Brigitte said they created a post on Facebook, because people might be wondering why the bread looks and tastes different since Juergen had a stroke.

"And we try our best to replace him, but actually no one can replace Juergen,” Kazenmayer said.

Customers said they try to eat at JB’s German Bakery to show their love and support.

“I think that it does show there is community support for these small local businesses and the people that run them. And we all feel like family to some extent,” Nancy Chasteen said.

“And it’s just a landmark. You know we love this place,” Scott Griffin said.

Brigitte said ever since the Facebook post, the support has been overwhelming.

“Everybody has been texting me, sending me emails and sending me text messages and calling. And this is and this is, I think, Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi sticks together and this is what I like about it,” Kazenmayer said.

Brigitte said Juergen should be starting physical therapy sometime this week or next and is thankful for the support.