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Fire department and Domino's partnership gives Aransas Pass customers a surprise

Aransas Pass Fire Department delivers pizza
Posted at 8:53 PM, Oct 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-12 23:59:37-04

ARANSAS PASS, Texas — Some people in Aransas Pass ordering from Domino's on Wednesday evening did not expect to see the Aransas Pass Fire Department Show up with their delivery.

They weren't there to just deliver pizza. It’s an annual partnership between the fire department and Domino's for Fire Prevention Week.

“They are very shocked, when the fire department opens the door and the fire department is there," David Henderson said, owner of the Aransas Pass Domino's. "And they realize if they have their working fire alarm that their order is actually free. The customers are just ecstatic when that happens.”

"I'm completely stunned. I did not know they were doing this," a customer said.

With permission of the home owner the fire department checks their smoke detector, making sure it works.

"I think that's really awesome, that's very awesome. It's cool of y'all to do that," another customer said.

If the customer didn’t have a working smoke detector or didn’t have any at all, the fire department gifted the customer a couple of free ones.

"It's a wonderful idea and I like that they're helping out the community in this type of way because we have fires out here all the time. This is just a great benefit to have," the first customer said as she received her free smoke detectors.

This is the third year the partnership has happened. Firefighters said they enjoy doing it and even took their own time to help out.

“It’s just great to get out there in the community," Henderson said. "Dominos is all about getting out in the community and getting our name out there and making people as happy as possible.”

If residents ever needs smoke detectors, you can stop by the Aransas Pass Fire Department and get them for free.

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