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Fans get ready for Veterans Memorial football game

Mira's Sports and More provides free decals for customers
Veterans Memorial Eagles
Posted at 6:17 PM, Jan 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-08 21:57:26-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Veterans Memorial High School football fans are getting ready for the big semi-finals game tonight against Cedar Park by buying gear from Mira’s Sports and More.

A lot of Eagles fans at Mira’s say they are extremely excited, and that tonight is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the football players and the school.

A lot more goes on behind the scenes at Mira’s than people see at the front of the store.

The store does everything from sewing to designing logos to printing, all to support local high schools in the C.C.I.S.D.

“We make a lot of the school shirt, caps, and a lot of their uniforms on the field, the coach's apparel for practically all of the schools here in South Texas,” Desiree Schmehl, the production manager of Mira’s said.

Friday, they are giving away free car decals to anyone that buys Veterans Memorial merchandise. The store also made custom towels for the football team to keep as memorabilia. The store says that Veterans Memorial isn’t the only school they support."

“It's not that we’re only supporting veterans, we’re supporting our whole community down here. We’re happy to have somebody representing the South Texas, Corpus Christi area,” Dino Guillen, the senior sales representative said.

Mira’s says that merchandise sales for Veterans Memorial High School has gone up due to the semi-finals game.

But Mira’s is not the only place people are requesting merchandise. People like Gerry Anderson, a local veteran and fan says he requested merchandise directly from the school.

He says he feels a personal connection to the school because he is a veteran and has a neighbor that is in the school’s administration.

He also says the school seems to have a positive environment.

“The kids all seem to be enthusiastic. I mean there’s a smile on everyone’s face there so something’s going right,” Anderson said.

Veterans Memorial will go on to the finals if they win their game tonight against Cedar Park.