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Family seeks help in finding missing A&M-Kingsville professor

Posted at 9:10 PM, Oct 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-07 22:14:31-04

UPDATE (5:59 p.m.): The body of a 75-year-old Texas A&M-Kingsville mathematics professor Hueytzen Wu, who had previously been reported missing, was found on a beach in Cameron County, near Brownsville, authorities said.

Kingsville Police Chief Ricardo Torres said in a statement Wednesday evening Wu's body was found on Boca Chica Beach, near South Padre Island and Port Isabel.

KPD extended its condolences to the victim's family in the release.

Wan-Hong “DiDi” Wu, Dr. Wu's son, told KRIS 6 News Wednesday his father, A&M-Kingsville mathematics professor Hueytzen Wu hasn't been heard from in almost a week.

Both he and KPD said Dr. Wu drove westward through areas such as Benavides and Hebbronville, and Wan-Hong said he believes his father was dazed and confused while driving.

"There’s several people that have called in saying they saw him at the convenient store asking for directions back to Kingsville," Wan-Hong said.

Wan-Hong said he was worried about his father.

“I’m definitely concerned for my dad safety," he said. "Especially because he’s diabetic, it’s been since Friday since anybody has seen him, so I’m really concerned and really want to find him.”

In an earlier news release, the Kingsville Police Department said a large sum of cash was withdrawn from Dr. Wu's account around the time he has been reported missing.

"It was withdrawn from the Kingsville bank, but it was deposited to the Bank of America," Wan-Hong said. "If we can get that information, the police said they can subpoena the video and the camera so we can identify who actually made that deposit and what time it is, to give a better time frame of, and whereabouts of my dad."

The vehicle Dr. Wu was driving, a 2015 Nissan Odyssey, also was found on Boca Chica Beach.

Wan-Hong said, more specifically, he had been told the vehicle had crashed into the Rio Grande River, although no one was inside.

"Based on where the vehicle went, and where it ended up, the vehicle had to have crossed one of the border checkpoints," Wan-Hong said. "The Kingsville Police Department is trying to work with Border Patrol to get the pictures or video of my dad‘s vehicle to see if he was actually driving at the time or somebody else was driving the vehicle to help narrow down the search to find where my dad is."