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Families find fun despite record high temperature

Posted at 5:14 PM, Jul 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-10 19:56:15-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — KRIS 6 Meteorologist Bill Alexander said Corpus Christi hit a record high Sunday, July 10. It was the first 100 degree day in the city of the year, beating the previous record of 98 degrees.

Corpus Christi has had heat indices over 100 for at least a week straight. It seems more often than not, people are beating the heat by staying inside where the air conditioning is. But for those that still want to enjoy some fresh air, they’re finding their sweet spots outside.

“It’s usually pretty hot, but it’s significantly hotter these days," Corpus Christi resident Veronica Pettis said.

Despite the heat, many people like Pettis and their daughter have found ways to beat the heat and have some fun.

“We’ve been trying to utilize the free amenities that Bill Witt (Park) or other splash pads. Hurricane Alley is a good one too, but this is around the corner from our house, so,” Pettis said.

Jon Binsted has also been looking for a way to keep his son cooled off while having fun.

“We just moved into the area and we’re planning on putting a pool in the backyard, but need some place close to cool off, so," said Binsted. "We live about a mile that way….Found this place and it’s been like an oasis.”

Along with the splash pads around town, Corpus Christi is offering up cooling centers at a couple senior centers and La Retama Central Public Library.

For some vacationers, like Rene Limon, that weather is something he relishes. The coastline is part of the reason he and his family are visiting from San Antonio.

“We working outside and last week, it was over 104 with no wind, nothing," Limon said. "Really, really hot. That’s why here it’s hot, but you can enjoy the wind and everything. That’s why we like to come here.”

The coast is where they’ve spent much of their weekend in town.

“Yeah, it’s hot, but we came to the beach and right here got some Mangonadas and try to be as cool as possible,” said Limon sitting on the bay front.

With the extreme heat it's important to keep in mind the signs for heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

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