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Facebook group 'Navigating Corpus Christi' empowering the women of the Coastal Bend

Hot Girl  Walk
Posted at 9:50 AM, Sep 19, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It's still hot girl summer for some girls in the Coastal Bend and simple walk in the park is becoming a lifetime of friendship.

Jessica De Leon took it upon herself to create a community group on Facebook in January of this year by the name of navigating Corpus Christi-- a safe space for women to build and make friends in the community.

" It really is a community that gets people together empowers women, and I actually started navigating corpus christi during a dark time in my life and wanted to bring that postive energy to the community,"De Leon said.

With over 2,000 members on Facebook, De Leon has been able to make a variety of events like Hot Girl Walk, book clubs and even listening parties.

"It's hard to make friends outside of work so I created this so that people can kind of get that escape from their everyday life and just go out and do something fun in the community," she said.

Lauren Breckenridge is from Washington State and joined the group in April, she says she loves getting to meet new people.

"Having a community is part of belonging and feeling like you belong in that area or feel like it's actually going to be home to you and being a part of this group has made corpus more of a home that I can call,"Breckenridge said.

For Alison Cable, one of her close friends invited her to the group and said that this group lifted her up when she needed it the most.

" Honestly for a while when I didn't have such a large female connection I was feeling really lonely and I really lacked that feminine connection and this has made it really super fun and super easy," Cable said.

De Leon added that her favorite part about creating this group is seeing people from all walks of life coming together, she hopes the group continues to grow.