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Extreme drought causing water main breaks in Portland

Posted at 10:43 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 23:48:08-04

PORTLAND, Texas — This is starting to look like the norm for city of Portland crews, fixing water main breaks.

According, to Kenneth Banks, director of public works for the city of Portland the extreme drought conditions are to blame.

"Right now we are anywhere from 3-6 per day, our max has been eight in one day," Banks said.

This is having a big impact on the city.

"One of the lesser known impacts to having a drought like this, is the expansive soils that we have and these soils will dry up and they move around a lot and they will actually cause main breaks in our water system," he added.

Banks says that city crews have been hard at work trying to fix the main breaks across portland. At the moment Portland is in stage 1 restrictions.

For the most part, people have been following the restrictions.

"We haven't issued citations, we are much more focused on education so far," he said.

City officials are hoping for much-needed rain, and right now that only seems like wishful thinking.