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Extra 30 days of summer school for San Diego ISD students

San Diego ISD will offer 30 days of summer instruction
Posted at 6:12 PM, May 28, 2021

SAN DIEGO, Texas — Elementary students at San Diego ISD will have an extra 30 days of instruction if they attend the district's summer session.

The projected end of the session will be in July.

Students were invited to attend but if parents want to send their child to school, they can.

San Diego ISD superintendent Dr. Rodrigo Pena said online learning may have been challenging for many holding their educational progress back.

"A lot of the students are not on grade level," Pena said "So going to summer school will allow them to be closer to grade level, if not on grade level."

The junior high and the high school will still have a traditional four-week summer school program. Victoria Joslin, principal at Collins-Parr Elementary School, says the extended summer classes will be a perfect opportunity.

"We felt very positive about it, due to the learning loss this year," she said. "It is a great opportunity to get them back on campus. Especially with a focus of reading and math."

Delilah Guerra, a parent and teacher for the San Diego ISD, said her children lagged when they weren't at school because of the pandemic.

“They fell behind being home during the pandemic," she said. "They started attending face to face (classes) in November and I saw the big difference in them reaching certain milestones.

"I just want them to continue to achieve those milestones so they don't have problems later on."

If your child attends schools in the San Diego ISD and you would like to send them to summer school you can call 361-279-3382, ext 2425.