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Downtown's vibrant nightlife also is attracting housing options

Posted at 7:38 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 20:44:36-04

As the years go by, Downtown Corpus Christi is bringing people back to the area to live.

K-Space Contemporary Executive Director Michelle Smythe said she has been in the area since 1998, and during that time, the Downtown area did not see much movement.

But now, that is completely changing.

"We have seen Downtown really start to come back and become more populated, and the Downtown Management District has done so much work," she said.

The Downtown Management District released a perception survey that said 56 percent of millennials, and 45 percent of Downtown users, are likely to consider moving Downtown.

Those numbers have increased since 2015.

Downtown Management District Executive Director Alyssa Barrera Mason said these studies help make the case to developers.

Barrera said that, at the moment, there are about 15 apartment complexes and condos Downtown, which amount to about 900 units or about 1,800 people. Hopefully, that number will rise in the next five years.

"By having a higher population, we will have more activity, more retail, more shops and more people to keep those shops open," she said.

Roger Montelongo also works with the Downtown Management District, but just moved to the Downtown area about a week ago and said it's convenient.

"Not having to worry about traffic, and there is just a sense of community in the area that i enjoy," he said.