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Dogs on the loose in the Highwood community causing concern for residents

Aggressive dogs on the loose in the Highwood community causing concern for residents
Posted at 6:54 PM, Apr 26, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — More than 3,000 stray animals are taken to the Animals Care Services every year.

Dogs on the loose in the Highwood community on the West Side of Corpus Christi are causing concerns for many residents in the area.

They said this has been a problem for almost three months and they have the video to prove it.

In one of the videos sent to KRIS 6 News, there was a young girl taking out her trash can, before she was swarmed by a group of dogs.

ACS Program Manager Joel Skidmore said that the videos are concerning.

“ACS works off a priority-based system. Obviously, higher priority is going to take precedence over the calls, and we need a more immediate response than other ones,” Skidmore said.

Another video sent to KRIS 6 News from members of Highwood community, showed an Amazon driver who was driving up the street and the dogs started attacking his car.

When the driver got to their destination, they could not get out of the truck because of the dogs.

In a third video, a different driver experienced the same issue with the dogs being aggressive toward the delivery truck.

“We were notified of those incidents and the videos that occurred. It was escalated on social media and those are the calls that we expedite to get an officer out there, especially when it’s a concern of public safety and what we saw in those videos,” Skidmore said.

Residents said animal control finally picked up the dogs featured in those videos Tuesday.

Those with an issue with stray or aggressive dogs in their neighborhood can call 311 or click here.

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