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Del Mar College has a program for adult seniors to learn computer skills

Senior education course teaches computer skills for beginners
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Posted at 4:48 AM, Oct 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-14 06:43:59-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Are you looking to become more tech savvy?

Del Mar College is there to help, with a program for senior citizens to learn the basic computer skills.

"So I started in 2002, and we've been doing it ever since and I think we have had somewhere around 5,000 to 6,000 students," said Dotson Lewis, an instructor for the course, which aims to teach students how to use Microsoft Word, surf the internet and other tech skills.

Seniors are appreciative of learning these computer skills.

"We weren't raised with all of this technology back then, so it's why we must have technology," first-time student Erma Rice said. "Because everything as far as I say, seasoned seniors we need to learn because everything is going to computer."

Rice said she is looking to learn computer skills so she can land a part-time job.

"It's a lot of fun and it's just like a family getting together," she said. "The people are talking to each other and it is getting them up with everyone else."

Jack Miller has taken all of the courses and helps facilitate the class. He said one of the most difficult lessons in the program is learning how to take a screen shot.

"It's pretty challenging and it's really pretty simple but you learn to take a picture of what's on the screen and then you post it in word or word document," said Miller.

And it's also one of the difficult things to learn.

"Shapes, to make stars and to make different designs and I've always had a problem getting the proportionality of that right," he said.

Miller said repetition is important in learning.

"The key is to pay attention in class, and if you have a computer at home go home and practice what you've learned and or if you don't have a computer at home go to the library and practice," said Miller.

Rice said there is always a chance for you to learn no matter your age.

"You can be in your 50's, 60's, 70's 80's, 90's, there have been some who have gone back to college and graduated with degrees, and it lets them know that they can do anything they want to do," Rice said. "No matter their age, or of their illness whatever it is, make up your mind because i know you can do it and i know i can do it and just give it a try."

The classes are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and run through Oct. 27. Cost is $5 for each course.

Visit the Del Mar College website to sign up.