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Crowds swarm grocery stores and the mall for last minute shopping

Posted at 7:10 PM, Dec 24, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Death, taxes and last minute shopping.

It's a tradition for some people. For others, they just ran out of time, forgot or couldn't find what they need.

These are the people that caused large crowds at La Palmera Mall and H-E-B Plus on Saratoga Boulevard on Christmas Eve.

“It’s what you expect for last minute shopping, it’s always going to be crazy,” said Krista Saenz, a last minute H-E-B shopper.

“I like everybody running around and I'm just walking having a blast just everybody running around," Gabriel Ortiz said while shopping in H-E-B. "But hey it’s Christmas time, everybody’s going to be running around but just slow down and smell the roses.”

It was a wide variety of things that people needed.

“We are getting last minute items like desserts, seasonings, what else did we get? Drinks and probably things we have too much of already,” said Saenz.

“I'm shopping for my daughter because I couldn’t find her any of her favorite stuff which is anime," Irma Martinez said while shopping at the mall. "So, that’s why we’re here at Spencer’s. Getting, pretty much, her last minute stuff because I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

“Shopping around for last minute things, food and goodies for Christmas and stuff," Ortiz said.

“We’re out here doing some last minute Christmas shopping," said Esther Williams as she walked into the mall. "I still got to get a Secret Santa gift. Last minute, that’s what I am, procrastinator!”

Some didn’t like having to brave the crowds, but things had to get done. Either way they think it’ll be worth it to see their Christmas plans come to fruition.

“We rented an Airbnb in town just because we’re inviting more family over and so it’s a lot more space and it’ll be better,” Saenz said.

"For our holidays, just to spend time with the family and stuff," said Ortiz. "I think that’s something that families need to do more of and stuff. And just spend quality time. I see everybody right now is in a rush and running around and stuff but in the end it’s all about family and what Christmas really means and stuff."

Both H-E-B and La Palmera Mall are closed on Christmas day.

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