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COVID-19 long lines for vaccinations raise much concern for area elderly residents

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 20:03:52-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For many elderly residents, it can be a challenge to register for the COVID-19 vaccine, especially if you have no way of getting to the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds in Robstown or not enrolled in the Meals on Wheels program.

“However my main concern, my anxiety is not necessarily for me it’s for my mom. I wanna make sure she gets vaccinated,” said Yvonne Solis who is taking care of her mother.

Solis said she does the best she can do to make sure her mother has everything she needs and is well taken care of. However, when it comes to getting the COVID-19 vaccine, it gets rough because the lines are too long for her 87-year-old mother to wait.

“I’m just trying to reach out to any place where they might have appointments that I can get her an appointment to get vaccinated so that she’s not waiting 3 plus hours in line,” said Solis.

In the City Council chambers, this was something councilman Billy Lerma of District 1 brought up in discussion.

Corpus Christi Mayor Paulette Guajardo said the city is looking into potential drive-in distributions, and this includes the American Bank Center or the local Greyhound Racetrack.

“The goal is to have anyone call in, it will be like a phone bank and register or get signed up and then we provide the administering of the vaccination,” said Mayor Paulette Guajardo.

Guajardo anticipates having a local drive-in distribution location hopefully in a couple of weeks.

“And we will continue to find ways to expand these programs because we understand we have a lot of people at home that cannot drive to the fairgrounds,” said Guajardo.

Despite concerns, good news for Solis. Her mother was able to get vaccinated at the fairgrounds in Robstown on Tuesday after a three hour wait. Solis said she is truly grateful.