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County hopes bond proposals make a splash come Nov. 5

Posted at 6:45 PM, Oct 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 19:59:49-04

Have you cast your vote yet?

Early voting has begun for a statewide election. Ten proposed amendments to the state constitution, along with a $9.5 million bond proposal on the county ballot for drainage improvements.

Hector Ramos lives in Robstown's Blue Bonnet neighborhood, about a half a block away from one of the proposed project sites on Bosquez Street.

He's seen what happens to the road he lives on when there's a heavy rain.

"When it fills up on both ends, you can only see the little center mark, and the rest is filled with water,” Ramos said. “So if you have a small car, it gets pretty deep."

The proposed bond project would help alleviate some of those flooding issues.

The bond focuses on four separate projects: improving the underground drainage system on Bosquez Street; widening the ditch a few blocks over near Benavides Street and other drainage improvement projects in Petronila and the Casa Blanca areas.

The biggest project is the one near Ramos' home, which also is a road used every day by Robstown Early College High School students and staff.

"We feel that it's a safety hazard for the students and the community to because everything drains into there," said Nueces County Drainage District No. 2 Commissioner Jesse Rojas.

Rojas has heard the concerns from people who live near some of the proposed projects sites.

This is the first time in recent memory the agency has asked for voters to approve a bond proposal, he said.

"The time is now,” Rojas said. “The drainage ditches that we have are outdated. We're being proactive. This is something that is good for the entire community."

And it could also be good for others like Ramos. He, for one, plans to head to vote in favor of the proposed bond.

"If we can get the water out of here quicker, we don't have to worry so much," Ramos said.

One thing we wanted to find out is if this bond proposal has the support of Robstown city officials.

Robstown City Manager Herman Rodriguez told us the only thing he can say is that Robstown has dealt with a financial crisis for the last four years. Its goal is to keep tax rates low.

The Robstown mayor’s race also is on the ballot, and Nueces County voters will vote on a proposed property tax increase for Nueces County Emergency Services, District Two.