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Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation encourage seniors to participate in virtual activities

Posted at 7:46 AM, Aug 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-11 08:46:29-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The coronavirus global pandemic has caused many closures which also include the 8 senior centers located in Corpus Christi. Before these closures, folks could gather play cards, dominoes to even participate in dances.

However, staff with the Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department say even though these closures have taken place they want to make sure that seniors don’t feel like they have been forgotten about.

“Socialization is important for all ages but one of the basic philosophies at senior centers is also at senior centers help older adults remain engage and prevent isolation,” said Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Public Information Officer Lisa Oliver.

During the coronavirus pandemic, it can be a challenge to find things to do but Oliver says seniors are encouraged to check out virtual programs, workouts and to stop by their nearest center for meal pickups, where slight engagement can be found.

“Staff is engaged picking up their meals staff is also talking to the members making telephone reassurance calls to the members as well to see how they’re doing,” said Oliver.

Oliver says there is not a set date when these senior centers will reopen but the staff says they will do so when the time is right.

“Because the older adults persons age 60 or older are apart of the vulnerable population especially with the COVID we are needing to take extra precautions and so we will open facilities when it’s safe to do so,” says Lisa Oliver.

Parks and recreation say if you decide to pick up a meal, to call for a reservation to the appropriate facility you want to attend.