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Corpus Christi locals, visitors react to Biden’s presidential win

Posted at 9:39 PM, Nov 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-07 23:06:37-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It was a moment that took many people's breath away. Early Saturday morning, the Associated Press called the 2020 Presidential Race, naming former Vice President Joe Biden the President-elect.

President Donald Trump has not yet conceded to President-elect Joe Biden, and has falsely claimed on Twitter that he won the election.

“I think it’s going to be much better,” said Corpus Christi resident Alfonso Garcia. “I think he’ll be a lot more truthful — and Trump scared me.”

Garcia said he voted early for Biden partially because he doesn’t believe President Trump was transparent with the public.

“It was a lot of things,” he said. “A lot of his dishonesty and how we were in the country. He did some good, and he’s done some real good — but I think Biden’s going to be better.”

Max Flores, who was visiting the Bay area from San Antonio with his family said Trump’s position against immigration was unwelcoming and that his inaction against COVID-19 has been frustrating.

“Hopefully it will work out — everything,” Flores said. “Because we are tired of all this going on.”

Cassaundra Melgar-C'De Baca and her wife Alba — who were visiting from Austin said they hope this moment in history will allow the United States to come closer as a country.

“Now it gives [our] country an opportunity to put everything past and everybody needs to come together now,” Cassaundra said. “Regardless if your person got in the White House or not, let’s show the world that we’re still going to come together as Americans and make our communities better for our children.”

Back in the Coastal Bend, David Frank, a self-described Conservative said this election year, his children have been able to change his mind on some issues. Although he didn’t like Trump or Biden, he said it’s important to accept defeat.

“When you lose you lose, — be a man about it, or woman,” Frank said. “Stand up and be gracious about it and wish the best for the country and move on.”

Although most were hopeful about how the Presidential-elect’s win could unite the country, Frank was not as optimistic.

“If Trump doesn’t take it to the Supreme Court and fight it and let the country heal a little bit and move along with the election, then yeah,” he said. “But if not — it’s just going to get worse."

Around 4 p.m., the Nueces County Tejano Democrats hosted a “Victory Caravan” throughout the city that began at the Nueces County Democratic Party Headquarters.

When asked for a statement, the Nueces County Republican Party did not respond.