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Convenience-store operators see increase in robberies locally

Convenience store owners want robberies to stop
Posted at 6:31 PM, Nov 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 23:46:30-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — He wouldn't agree to a recorded interview, and he wants to remain anonymous, but a man who's associated with several Corpus Christi convenience stores released video of robberies at two of the stores in hopes of getting the crimes stopped.

The first robbery caught on-camera was Oct. 11 at the Hi Ho store on Baldwin.

Then, on Nov. 21, that store was hit for a second time.

Then, on Wednesday, robbers held up K's Market on Columbia.

“The time of year, we do see a little bit of a rise in robberies," Corpus Christi Police Department Senior Officer Travis Pace said. "But convenience stores are always a target."

He said that's because robbers know those types of businesses likely have cash and valuable items on-hand.

Their hours of operation — either open late, or some all night — also make convenience stores desirable for thieves.

The man who released the videos says the robberies are making it hard to find people to work at the Westside stores.

Pace said there are things that convenience-store owners can do to improve safety.

"A lot of times you’ll go to a storefront and you’ll see that it’s completely cluttered, and you can’t see inside," he said. "Well, that’s beneficial for a robber, because less people can see. So clear the storefronts.”

Pace said it's also important to vary your routine when it comes to taking money out of the cash register, so robbers can't learn it and move in when you're vulnerable.

Also, make sure your surveillance-camera system is working.

Having the same video of the robberies that was released Monday could help investigators solve the crimes.

“We can see — potentially identify the suspects, see mannerisms, see similarities between other robberies," Pace said. "And if we’re going to link them together and potentially get evidence because maybe they slipped up somewhere, that helps us significantly."

If you recognize anyone from the videos, you can let C.C.P.D. know about it by calling 888-TIPS.