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Cole Park skate park expected to reopen by end of October, after repair delays

Posted at 3:10 PM, Oct 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-11 16:17:17-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A popular Bayfront attraction has been off-limits since April.

The Cole Park Skate Park was closed for repairs and it was originally scheduled to re-open on June 30. However that reopening date was pushed back to July 4, but three months later in October it still remains fenced off and closed to the public.

The City of Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Director, Robert Dodd is blaming the weather for the delays.

"The rains that we had earlier in June and July and anything we get out there that comes off the bay out there as far as rain, a little cloud or something, we have to stop what we're doing and gather up the next day," Dodd said. "Because we're dealing with concrete, the skate area itself won't dry with rain and it's just to a good idea to put it out there in the rain."

On Tuesday morning, crews were out at the site and they told KRIS 6 News that they were working on finishing the renovations.

Dodd said the park is expected to reopen before the end of October. He added repairs have been made to the ledge, deck and bowl.

The work involved the removal and replacement of steel coping with concrete coping.

Steel edges were also replaced with granite and cracks in the bowl have been repaired, as well. A walkway around the perimeter of the site is one of the additions to the park.

The skatepark was built in 2008 and hasn't been renovated until this year.

"With us moving forward with some Cole Park plans it needs to be one of the amenities out there that's taken care of," Dodd said.

Repairs are estimated to cost around $70,000.