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Coastal Bend locals mourn, reflect on Day of the Dead realities

Posted at 7:19 PM, Nov 01, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Although it’s widely held as a time filled with bright colors and celebrations, Dia De Los Muertos is still a difficult time for those visiting their loved ones.

“He was actually my mentor. He was everything to me. He was — the things that my dad didn’t have,” a man at Rose Hill Memorial Park said, reflecting on his late uncle, Jesus S. Canales Jr., who died in 2013. “He was just — a loving person.”

Grandmother Irene Grimaldo also visited the cemetery Sunday with her family. She was there for her daughter who died at the age of 55.

“We come like every two weeks to visit her and I came to bring her flowers today to remember,” she said. “I have her in my heart all the time.”

Both mourners said they did this to let their loved ones know they won’t be forgotten.

“I love him. And I miss him. That’s why I’m here today,” Canales’ nephew said. “He was always my — he was always there for me.”

Even though Day of the Dead ends on Monday, there are still ways to participate throughout the month in Corpus Christi.