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Coastal Bend girl with cancer holding lemonade stand fundraiser for treatment

Lemonade Fundraiser for child with leukemia
Posted at 5:17 PM, Apr 14, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One Coastal Bend kid is holding a fundraiser in hopes the community will help her as she continues to battle a debilitating disease.

In January, 8-year-old Nyla was diagnosed with a rare form of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia called Ph-positive-ALL, or Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL.

"And since then, she's had had several trips to the hospital. She goes weekly for chemo-treatments,”  Nyla’s mother, Toni Nerren said. "Only about 200 children in the United States, which actually get diagnosed with that every year. So, it is a very rare form of leukemia."

Toni said that her daughter has been to the hospital several times.

Though some days are better than others for Nyla, her mother said what breaks her heart the most is that she can't have a normal childhood.

 “Nyla's a sweetheart and she loves gymnastics, she loves playing," Toni said. "And the hardest thing as a parent is to see your child feel sick and nauseous and not be able to do the things she loves."

Since Nyla’s diagnosis, she spends most of her days at home and is unable to attend school.

And despite life throwing her lemons, she's making lemonade for her lemonade stand, as a way to engage with people.

Toni told us they host the lemonade stand on a semi-regular basis, whenever Nyla is having a good day.

“The lemonade stand has been a great idea that Nyla had, so she can go outside (and) be social; still be at home and bring a smile to people,” Toni said.

Nyla's best friend Carys said that the money donated will support Nyla through treatment.

"She really needs money for her treatment, and she wants to give some to her mom," Carys said.

Carys hopes that Nyla will be back in school by next fall.

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