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Coastal Bend 11-year-old with genetic disorder looking to get an adaptive bike

Posted at 11:55 AM, Mar 24, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — 11 -year old Zoey Rodriguez is ready for a bike ride with a big smile.

Her mother Stephanie Rodriguez said for Zoey, riding a bike on her own can prove to be a bit challenging because she has a rare genetic disorder.

"Zoey has Pallister Killian Syndrome, she was born with it and we discovered it when she was about two months old," Stephanie said. "For her it means, she has nocturnal seizures, she has an intellectual disability, a developmental delay, she has some really cool color on her skin, she has some hypotonia — which is low muscle tone." Stephanie said.

Both Zoey and Stephanie love to bike together, but Zoey is getting a little big for her seat.

Stephanie is hoping to get Zoey an adaptive bike, but it can get pricey.

"The one we are registered for is over$5,000 if we were able to buy it outright, but who has $5,000 to spend on a bike for their child?" she said.

That is why Stephaine signed up for the great bike give away online. And the community can help them achieve their dream.

"There's three different ways you can get a bike; one is that you create a profile and you can get 50 votes and your name is entered into a drawing for a bike, another is if you get the very most votes, and the other way is if you raise the money to pay for the bike," Stephanie said.

Here is where viewers can vote for Zoey.