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Aransas Pass water being tested after city issues 'no-use order' for potable city water

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Posted at 5:23 PM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-26 16:17:55-04

Aransas Pass Public Relations Specialist Roland Rodriguez has confirmed that TCEQ teams have flown water samples from Aransas Pass to Savannah, Georgia where they will test the water to detemine its safety.


The City of Aransas Pass in Coordination with TCEQ has issued a no-use order for all potable city water.

This means no cooking, bathing, brushing teeth, drinking or use of the city's water for pets.

City officials say you can wash clothes and flush toilets only.

This no-use order is due to a possible contamination.

Friday night, a special city council meeting was held there in Aransas Pass.

We learned that the reason the order was given is because it was discovered that a backflow valve was missing at new business about to open in that community.

The mayor confirming to use that city inspectors discovered the issue while inspecting a business called "Harbor Freight."

Aransas Pass Mayor Ramiro Gomez said, "When we did that inspection we come to find out that it did not have back flow valves on the fire sprinkler system. to go into precautionary reasons we decided to shoot that down."

TCEQ is helping the city collect water samples. Those will be taken to Savannah, Georgia for testing.

City officials hope they can have results back by Monday.

In the meantime, TCEQ is sending 40 pallets of water to Aransas Pass.

Gomez says the city is also working on setting up free water stations for residents.