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City council approves the purchase and installation of 230 shade trees for 30 local parks

Tree trunks
Posted at 4:32 PM, Apr 26, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — During Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Paulette Guajardo authorized a contract with Valley Garden Center, Inc. for the purchase and installation of 230 shade trees for 30 local parks.

City officials say the purchase of the 230 shade trees is roughly $224,256 and is funded from the General Fund.

"The new trees are part of an improvement project to enhance and beautify parks throughout the City. All the selected trees, which are native to South Texas, will provide beautiful new foliage, reduction of noise pollution, air quality improvement, and reduction of storm water runoff and soil erosion," said city officials in a press release.

According to city officials, the 30 parks selected to have trees installed did not receive new trees during the 2020 tree-planting cycle.

“Adding trees to our residential parks is an initiative that benefits the environment and adds value to the community,” said Mayor Paulette Guajardo.

"I am excited to see the how this investment will beautify parks throughout the City.”

The new trees will be planted at the following parks:

District 1

  • Chiquito Park (5 trees)
  • Glen Royal Park (4 trees)
  • Hudson Park (5 trees)
  • Lt. Stuart J. Alexander Park (4 trees)
  • McNorton Park (3 trees)
  • Mobile Park (6 trees)
  • West Guth Park (21 trees)

District 2

  • Casa Linda Park (4 trees)
  • H-E-B Park (8 trees)
  • Prescott Park (3 trees)
  • Lawson Park (5 trees)
  • Catalina Martinez Park (2 trees)
  • Collier Park (9 trees)
  • Sam Houston Park (9 trees)

District 3

  • Glen Arbor Park (15 trees)
  • John Jones Park (10 trees)
  • Stonegate Park (10 trees)
  • Schanen Park (13 trees)
  • Molina Veterans Park (10 trees)

District 4

  • Lamar Park (12 trees)
  • Dan Whitworth Park (6 trees)
  • Claremont Park (6 trees)
  • Oso Place Park (8 trees)
  • Turtle Cove Park (8 trees)

District 5

  • Vineyards Park (3 trees)
  • Brandywine Park (7 trees)
  • Lexington Park (7 trees)
  • King’s Point Park (7 trees)
  • Brockhampton Park (8 trees)
  • St. Andrews Park (12 trees)

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