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City budget set to be presented to council next week

WATCH LIVE: City manager Peter Zanoni and Mayor Paulette Guajardo will discuss street maintenance today.
Posted at 1:32 PM, Jul 20, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — City Manager Peter Zanoni said that the city’s proposed budget for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1 will be presented to the council next week.

Zanoni said the proposed budget is balanced “as a starting point” and will be presented to the council at a special meeting on Tuesday, July 27.

“This is a pretty big event for the council and the community,” Zanoni said. “It’s one time per year, but it’s one of our biggest policy documents and issues that the council addresses.”

City departments have met over the last five weeks to set the budget. After the Tuesday meeting, council members will conduct weekly work sessions starting on Aug. 5 to fine-tune the budget.

Council members and city officials then will take the budget to each district for feedback from the community beginning Aug. 9 in District 1. These discussions were done virtually last year because of the pandemic.

The budget is slated to be voted on and a tax rate provided to the county tax assessor on Sept. 7.

Zanoni also praised to work of various city departments during the Mayor’s Big Bang Event on July 4 and their response to the heavy rains that deluged the city later in July.

“They did a great job of coordinating the holiday operations to make sure clean safe and enjoyable experiences not only for residents but for our tourists who came to our city,” Zanoni said about city workers over the holidays.

And their work during the flooding events was exemplary, Zanoni said.

“I want to thank the police, public safety and Emergency Operations who helped coordinate our team effort. With the rain at that time certain things couldn’t be addressed to the liking that we would want,” he said. “But immediately after the rain, we got back to our normal operations. Our pothole crews have been working on an overtime basis to get as many fixed as we could.”