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CCISD seeks community input on distance learning

Posted at 5:04 PM, May 27, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD) is looking for feedback on the Spring's semester's distance-learning initiative, as well as potential plans for the next school year.

CCISD Chief of Staff Kimberley James said the district will continue distance learning for summer school during the month of June.

“We felt like it was necessary to gather feedback from all of our stakeholders on things that we’re doing well and the things that we could improve upon," she said.

Students, parents and educators have had to make major adjustments the past several months due to COVID-19.

"A recent study predicted that students will experience a learning loss of 30 percent in reading, and 50 percent in math as a result of the crisis," James said. "Left unchecked, it’s an academic setback that could derail the futures even of students who were previously on grade level — and would be disastrous for students who were already behind."

Samuel Tapia has a child and grandchildren in CCISD and, for his family, remote learning has been a challenge.

"I don’t have a tablet or a computer," he said. "That makes it kind of hard for everyone. Especially people like me. I know a lot of other people can’t afford it."

CCISD is working to make sure everyone has access to technology in case learning has to go remote again.

The CCISD board recently approved an initiative to purchase WiFi hotspots and Chromebooks for those who need them.

“Our goal is to put technology in the hands of everyone so that we won’t have to worry about if we go online or not.” James said.

The survey also asks for feedback for the upcoming school year.

“What does that look like?" she said. "How can we make you feel comfortable about the safety or our students, the safety of our staff?" James said. "We’ll be taking that feedback, looking at it so that we can make decisions, and so that our families can make decisions for next year."

The survey will be available until June 5.