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Big Blue Crab will make its way back home to Rockport

Posted at 7:14 AM, Sep 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-07 10:17:20-04

ROCKPORT, Texas — The iconic symbol of the Blue Crab was destroyed to bits in Rockport due to Hurricane Harvey. Since then the community has been working extremely hard to get the crab back to the area.

“I think once we have it done, back to the community it’s going to be the part where we close the chapter and start new,” said Rockport Realtor Neli Spurrell.
Spurrell says since the major storm tore the massive crab apart, the community has been working to pick up the pieces.

“It was a very sad moment, even though you did not care for that Blue crab at one point you came to Rockport, you had your picture taken in front of the Blue Crab,” said Spurrell.

A developer from out of town is working bringing a new Blue Crab back to Rockport. However, that is going to come with some cost. The Big Blue Crab committee has raised about $125,000 yet still have more to go.

“It is literally an honor to be involved with this because this is a community-wide effort,” said committee member John Aquilino.

Aquilino says the new stainless steel crab will also be a place where folks can remember their loved ones with a memorial garden.

“Truthfully, to have something you can identify with not just as a bunch of streets and even with the beach I think it means something it grounds you in your environment,” said John Aquilino.

Advocates for the Blue Crab say once the crab is able to come back to Rockport the community can move on from Hurricane Harvey.

“With our resilience, see our city, our town to thrive again and see everybody back to enjoy this community as we do because we live here, but also for the people who come to visit,” Spurrell.

“That’s the beauty of Rockport, it is a place that we don’t care how much money you have what you do for a living just the fact that you’re here and you’re part of the community,” said Aquilino.