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Beeville PD shares Halloween safety tips

Beeville Police Department offers Halloween safety tips
Posted at 5:58 AM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 07:01:40-04

BEEVILLE, Texas — Officers with the Beeville Police Department say folks can have fun this Halloween, but there’s a way to do so in a safe manner.

Halloween night is fast approaching and Beeville officers say they want parents to take time out and think about safety before trick-or-treating.

“There’s all kinds of activities that parents become involved with and volunteer in this organization or volunteer in that organization," Beeville police chief Robert Bridge said. "Sometimes they don’t stop and think about what we would call a common-sense approach."

Bridge recommends that children should wear reflective gear at night They need to stay away from moving vehicles and carry a flashlight or lantern. And parents should stay vigilant when it comes to your child’s candy.

“Always inspect the candy beforehand, before the child eats it or consumes it to make sure that the candy is safe,” said Bridge.

Chief Bridge says he and his department do their best to keep residents informed to ensure preparedness.

“We always try to place these items for the public and just remind them in case they haven’t thought about it or in case they weren’t aware of a potential for a danger for their children," Bridge said. "Then, we always try to remind them to make sure that they are thinking about it and that every child goes home safely."

Beeville Police also reminds all trick-or-eaters to be aware of your surroundings at all times.