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"Beach barre" offers outdoor exercise perfect for resolution workout

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Posted at 3:33 PM, Jan 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 11:07:56-05

PADRE ISLAND, Texas — The Water Dog Yoga & Fitness studio offers several outdoor workouts to clients, and its newest one combines elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet for a workout on the beach like no other that targets several different muscle groups.

Water Dog offers “beach barre” classes on Padre Island on Friday and Sunday mornings, sometimes offering them on Saturday mornings as well.

“The precision that barre offers with the mindful movement that yoga offers, you’re going to get a good cardio workout focused on high intensity but low impact movement,” said Water Dog instructor Heather McVay.

Up to ten people can work out in a group for a class on the beach, and being outside allows the group to get a good exercise while practicing social distancing.

“This is basically a mobile studio where we can do barre on the beach. Especially during COVID times, when we all want to be outdoors, and we can have as much spacing as we want, and just really enjoy the natural beauty in Corpus Christi,” said Water Dog owner and founder Stacie Richline.

For people looking for a new workout to get in shape in the new year, beach barre is a good option because it benefits beginners and returners.

“This is perfect if you have New Year’s resolution, you can be outside, you get cardio, you work the core, it works on proper posture,” Richline said. “We love making working out fun, and when you have this view, how can you not be inspired to workout and have fun?”

“We’re targeting lots of strength in very small muscles groups, to promote healthy bones and joints,” McVay said. “I think this is going to speak to a lot of individuals who are looking for something to look forward to this year. They need to exercise, they appreciate exercise, but it will keep them coming back, because they’ll feel better after the class.”

One attendee who keeps returning to workout with Water Dog is Heidi Benitez. She started doing yoga early in the pandemic, and continues to workout, and has noticed physical and mental improvements from the classes.

“Every single class has been really fun, and it’s just led me to want to do more classes, and expand and do different classes,” she said. “I’m happy. I’m happy to see people, I’m happy to see friends, I’m happy to move my body. I’ve become way more flexible. The classes are fantastic and they’re lots of fun, and the instructors are great.”

With only a limited number of “barres” available, visitors must register for classes online ahead of time. To register for classes, go to the Water Dog website. Classes are offered Fridays at 7 a.m., Sundays at 10 a.m., and some Saturdays at 10 a.m. The classes meet on the North Padre Sea Wall on Padre Island. Drop in classes cost $14.