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Staying chill in hot-mess traffic

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Posted at 5:27 PM, Aug 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-22 18:38:28-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Asst. Chief Mark Schauer wants to spread the message of staying calm, and staying safe. School is back, construction is heavy, and detours are everywhere.

No one likes being late, and no one likes traffic; but lately, more and more violent road-rage incidents are taking place.

"Take a deep breath, and try to keep moving,” he said. “But certainly don't approach someone, because we have too many people carrying guns now or carrying weapons. We have had some road-rage incidents; and if you get followed, try to pull in somewhere that's populated because maybe that'll shut it down.”

School zones are also active, and police are keeping an especially close eye out for drivers acting recklessly.

"Starting next week, we have the school zone signs that we'll be out there enforcing, and we'll be moving around because we have so many different school zones."

To help hold one another accountable, CCPD has come up with a solution this year.

Safe Roads for CC ( ) sends your email directly to the Corpus Christi Police Department. You add the license plate number, car description, how this person was driving, and where they were driving recklessly. The police then sends them an email directly.

"We'll send a letter to the registered owner saying 'Your vehicle was seen behaving this way,' because we don't know if it was Junior driving and they don't know about it; if it's a company, we can let them know that the driver was driving unsafely; or if it's the owner, we're hoping maybe it'd wake that person up."

The stress of driving is not worth risking anyone's safety. don't drive reckless and don't be harsh to others, we all share the road, and the traffic.