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Assistance for residents at Cimmaron Estates continues

Residents at the Cimmaron Estates receive a helping hand
Salvation Army of the Coastal Bend provides temporary housing for residents at the Cimmaron Estates senior apartments
Posted at 2:18 PM, Mar 07, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The efforts of a much-needed helping hand for residents at the Cimmaron Estates Senior Apartments continue.

Workers with the Salvation Army have stepped in to help residents at the Cimmaron Estates Senior Living Center in a big way.

Our cameras found many restoration crew members working, making their way in and out of the facility.

It was also boots on the ground for workers with the Salvation Army as many went inside the senior living center filling out paperwork and making accommodations for over 55 residents who decided to take the option of temporary housing.

“It’s necessary. These seniors would otherwise be homeless and would be on the street and be at risk for COVID and other things,” said commanding officer for the Salvation Army of the Coastal Bend Capt. Patrick Gesner.

Our news team reached out to the Cimmaron Estates corporate office to find out when repairs to the building will be completed. Managers have created a website on daily repair operations for residents.

Capt. Gesner says it was the help of grant funding that made it possible to provide temporary housing for residents. Workers with the Salvation Army add that the cost to help residents does add up.

“Yes it does get expensive trying to do something like this, this ministry to help people, but it is a ministry that is needed and is well worth it and we know that it’s something we should be doing as a Salvation Army so we’re grateful that we can do it and we’re grateful for the donors who are helping us people to provide this service," said Capt. Gesner.

Workers with the Salvation Army say donations play a big role in helping residents at the Cimarron Estates Senior Center Living Center.

If you would like to donate you can stop by their office at 521 Josephine Street or you can visit their website by clicking here.