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As we see more hats and coats, we'll see more lice, too

Posted at 6:59 AM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 11:19:28-05

As the temperatures cool off, wrapping your child up in more clothes becomes part of a daily routine. But as your child may leave for school in a hat and coat, they may be coming back home with something a parent may not want.

David Ettinger, PA, a Physician Assistant at Driscoll Children's Hospital said, it can be “peak season” in areas where the weather gets colder, but not as much in South Texas.

“So as kids start to wear more hats and coats, the lice will get on the hats and typically kids will share the hats and different things like that," Ettinger said. "So, that’s more of why it’s a peak season, it’s just easily transmitted because of hats and coats."

Ettinger said parents should look for lice regularly, and pay attention to the biggest symptom: scratching. If lice is found, act on it immediately.

“Ideally, I mean it’s a pretty quick fix you can just go to your primary care physician,” he said. “Most I think are pretty comfortable treating it. And there’s good products out there that you can use to get rid of it, and hopefully the kids only out of school for one to two days and then they can go back.”

But for some parents, the burden of getting every bug out can be too much. Melinda Rodriguez, mother of two, says her daughter always seems to get lice easily, and it’s tough getting all of the bugs out.

“I have over-the-counter, got stuff prescribed by the doctor, we put mayonnaise all over her hair, that didn’t work. We tried tea tree oil, nothing works, nothing,” Rodriguez said.

She got fed up, she decided to see the only lice specialist in the Coastal Bend, Miranda Davis with Lice Busters.

“I see it all year long,” says Davis. “Kids are allowed to stay in school with lice and they’re just spreading it and spreading it. So parents are using these over-the-counter products that they think work and they don’t work, they’re not really fully getting treated.”

It is not required to send a child home from school because of lice. KRIS 6 reached out to CCISD and they replied saying, “there is no 'peak season' and they are not seeing an increase within the district.”

At Lice Busters, Davis uses all natural, organic products to eradicate lice. Davis says the biggest misconception is lice like dirty hair, when in reality lice latch on to clean hair. She believes parents should not be embarrassed and understand that it is a common thing that happens among children.

“We finally put our hands up in the air and said ya know what, this weekend let’s go help her,” says Rodriguez of her daughters issue with lice. “We’re tired of seeing her itch, scratch everywhere, we just, you feel bad for them.”

To find more information about Lice Busters you can visit their social media here or visit their website at