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Artistic crosswalks installed at Six Points intersection

New Artistic Crosswalk
Posted at 3:13 PM, Jan 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-28 16:13:53-05

The Six Points intersection in Corpus Christi got a whole lot more colorful on Thursday, after the city installed artistic crosswalks to the recently reconstructed area.

According to a release from the city, in April 2021, city contractors began reconstruction of the Six Points Intersection to install new asphalt pavement and utility improvements.

Roadway construction on the project was completed in November 2021.

The Corpus Christi City Council then approved the addition of the artistic crosswalks to "celebrate the history and character of the area."

After gauging community interest from local businesses - which included conducting an online survey with nine different designs to choose from - the city aimed to finished project with the chosen design.

Artistic Crosswalk Crews
City public work's crews laid the artistic pieces over the pavement of the Six Points intersection crosswalks.

"The blue-and-white color was selected to recognize the City’s Bayfront, which is just below the bluff, while the unique pattern pays homage to the retro feel of the Six Points area," the release states.

District 2 city councilmember Ben Molina praised the work that was done on the project.

"These crosswalks will enhance and highlight the historic character of the Six Points area and are another step forward in our revitalization efforts for our beautiful city,” he said.

The release states the city has also adopted a community art policy that will allow for and govern artistic crosswalks in the city.

These guidelines establish procedures for community groups to get involved and take ownership of the infrastructure that is of great significance to them.

Artistic Crosswalk photo of mayor
City officials were the first to test out the new artistic crosswalks at the Six Points intersection following completion.

“The installation of these crosswalks brings vibrancy and character to our historic Six Points neighborhood” Mayor Paulette Guajardo said in the release. “I invite our residents to visit Six Points, have lunch, and take a look at this beautiful artwork.”

Those wishing to participate in the city's Artistic Crosswalk Program can contact the Corpus Christi Public Works Department.