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April 23rd is #LostDogAwarenessDay

Reuniting lost dogs to their homes
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Posted at 10:42 PM, Apr 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 06:37:15-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Today is lost dog awareness day and the non-profit organization Lost Dogs of America said its hoping to help people reunite their lost dogs.

Lost Dogs of America is a volunteer organization providing free services to help reunite families with lost dogs. The organization has helped reunite over 150,000 dogs with families since 2011. Marilynn Litt is the Director of Lost Dogs of Texas, she said she submitted the idea of lost dog awareness back in 2014 and now its always on April 23.

“But it’s something that definitely garnered awareness for lost dogs needing to go home. They don’t need a home they need to go home and it shows how much the community really wants to help lost dogs,” said Marilynn Litt.

Bridget Rodriguez said Sunday April 18 their dog Charlie, escaped their backyard. They’ve posted flyers around town, on social media and are offering a reward.

“It’s like no questions asked, if someone has him, you know if they are trying to keep him as a pet, he already has a home. My sons are really depressed and cant sleep cant eat,” said Bridget Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said the experience of losing Charlie is heartbreaking. “And I understand you need to find your dog because its like you’re missing a family member,” said Rodriguez.

Litt said if your dog gets loose and then you spot it. Don’t call the dog because they are in flight mode. Instead if you see a dog to sit on the ground or pretend you have a treat.

“Make little bird noises, do something that is so outrageous and non threatening that the dog instead of running will get close enough to smell you and recognize you,” said Litt.

Litt said there’s a misconception that lost dogs aren’t wanted. “We need to have a better attitude towards these animals and try to get these animals home, rather than give up on them,” said Litt.

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