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Annaville Fire Department helps put out several fires in the Coastal Bend

Posted at 6:10 PM, Mar 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 19:10:02-04

ODEM, Texas — Many fires have ravaged the Coastal Bend in the past week, and fire departments like the Annaville Fire Department have been out helping put out these fires no matter the location.

Annaville Fire Chief Michael Clack said there was a brush fire in Odem on County Road 2289 that started on Tuesday due to a lawn mower. That fire reignited on Wednesday.

He also said there was a fire in Sinton on Tuesday that was caused by a welding grinder which injured two firefighters and two civilians.

Clack said because of dry conditions like the low humidity and high winds, it was a challenge to fight the fires, and those fires could trap them.

“When you spray the fire, it looks like it’s out and within a couple of minutes it’s reigniting right behind you,” he said.

Chief Clack said the Annaville Fire Department worked with many fire departments from the surrounding areas like the Refugio, Woodsboro, and Taft Fire Departments.

“If we don’t help each other….we just can’t handle it alone because it’s just so much right now to keep up with,” Clack said.

Annaville Fire Captain Seth Garza said the heavy vegetation because of the recent freezes also plays a factor in how quickly a fire can spread.

“We get a little bit of rain, the vegetation grows, comes up green a little bit, but all that undergrowth is a critical fire point and once it starts to warm up, the humidity drops, all that undergrowth is very easily ignitable,” Garza said.

Ben Carrizales, Annaville Fire Department’s other captain, said people should be keeping their grass short and not burn anything. He said working with other departments helps them get the job done quicker.

“We all have the same goal, we all know what needs to be accomplished. That’s actually really good teamwork,” Carrizales said.