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AMC to fill to half capacity; Harbor Playhouse closes temporarily

AMC theater
Posted at 7:13 PM, Mar 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-16 20:15:35-04

The next time you visit an AMC movie theater, you'll enjoy some more elbow room.

The theaters have set new limits on occupants in every auditorium.

Once 50 percent of tickets are sold for any screening, that auditorium will be considered sold out.

Keeping theaters half-full hopefully will help prevent the virus from spreading.

Employees also are thoroughly cleaning the auditoriums after each screening.

The chain also is encouraging customers and employees who feel sick to stay home.

Concerns over COVID-19 also have prompted the Harbor Playhouse to do something that has never happened in its 90 years of operation: The Harbor Playhouse is going dark.

It is cancelling all performances, rehearsals and auditions until further notice.

That's bad news for fans but it's going to be even rougher for theater staff.

Office staff and employees will be laid off temporarily until the playhouse can reopen.