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All CCISD staff will receive $500 bonus

Bonus will be provided in paychecks next month
Posted at 2:31 PM, Aug 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-03 18:57:37-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Corpus Christi Independent School District employees learned they'll be getting a little extra in their paychecks next month.

District employees were told during their convocation that all district employees will earn a $500 bonus in their Sept. 15 paychecks.

During the ceremony, two employees took the stage where they were informed that each CCISD worker would be earning the bonus.

Cindy Perez, the district's director for professional learning, said the gift was appreciated by all of the district's employees.

"I was getting ready to do door prizes, but we didn’t have the door prizes with us," she said. "Low and behold our superintendent came out with the best door prize ever."

CCISD Superintendent Dr. Roland Hernandez asked for a volunteer to come out of the audience. He then whispered in her ear what the gift was.

Hernandez then asked her to share the gift with the rest of the people attending the convocation.

He then did the same thing with another employee invited from the crowd, telling them they were all valuable and would be receiving the same bonus for their hard work.

"We are so appreciative to our school board and our superintendent," Perez said. "We have all worked so hard. Our teachers, our bus drivers, everybody in this district has worked very hard during the last year. We are very grateful for this $500."

The gift is a thank-you to district employees who battled tough conditions during the pandemic, Perez said.

"I think it just shows how supported we are by our superintendent and our school board," she said. "They value the work we have done regardless of our position or how we contributed to the work during COVID. We are all valued equally and I think that says a lot."

Hernandez said he was pleased to be able to provide the gift to the district's personnel.

"I see a lot of high-five out there, a lot of eyes crying," Hernandez said. "And that is OK because you deserve it."

All CCISD employees earned a 2 percent bonus last November, with a minimum stipend for the district's lowest earning employees of $500.