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Alice Police introduces us to their newest member of the department

Posted at 6:36 AM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 07:36:50-04

ALICE, Texas — Officers with Alice Police Department are making great strides when it comes to sweeping drugs off their City streets.

To help make that happen, the police department has a new member to fight this issue.

His name is Blackjack and the crime-fighting K9 joined the Alice Police Department in early March of 2020.

Blackjack went through some intense training before he could work side by side with Officer Albert Stout.

Blackjack is the alert, four-legged, crime-fighting K9 taking down drugs right under his nose.

“Yes, actually we have a big problem here in the City of Alice with narcotics,” says Officer Stout.

Alice Police say they have their hands full conducting several traffic stops and finding different types of drugs and paraphernalia inside various vehicles.

However, Blackjack the newest member on the force, has a keen eye when it comes to spotting trouble.

“He knows, you know, he knows when I go out there put the collar on him, he knows that it's time to go out there and work,” says Stout.

Officer Albert Stout is Blackjack's crime-fighting partner. Stout says the two-year-old Pit mix from New York came from a home where Blackjack was abused.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was able to rescue Blackjack.

But before becoming a K9, Blackjack completed a massive amount of training detecting odors of narcotics, searches and more.

“I'm glad that Animal Farms was able to give him a second chance at having someone to love him because you know being that he was in an animal abuse case, you know, who knows what this dog would have went through if he would have stayed over there,” says Stout.