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We investigate recent events at Water Color Apartments

We examine what's been happening at the Southside apartment complex
CCPD officers at the scene at the Marbella Apartments
Posted at 1:26 PM, Aug 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-19 21:02:46-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Water Color Apartments, previously known as the Marbella Apartments, has received multiple calls regarding crimes there in recent weeks.

That led KRIS 6 News to investigate the number of 911 calls coming from the apartment complex, located on the 5900 block of Weber Road.

According to a call log obtained from CCPD, from 2018 until now there have been a total of 2,133 calls from the Water Color Apartments to the police department.

One woman who asked us to call her "Maria" said she found a bullet casing right outside her apartment unit and also told us that she has heard gunshots from the complex.

"Anytime, daytime, nigh time and these kids can be outside, these are all my grand babies." She said.

We learned that the property recently was purchased by Dallas-based Welker Properties and is managed by Asset Living Properties.

The co-owner and CEO of Welker Properties, Andrew Welker says, the property was purchased in June. The company is investing in renovations, security enhancements and checking for a criminal past history of current residents.

Once renovations are made, rent will be increased modestly, Welker said.

We spoke to one resident who didn't want to go on camera about the recent events at the complex.

"We have a lot of elderly people around here and so yeah we need the lights," Water Colors resident Kaya Scott said. "We need them to fix what needs to be fixed."

Welker also told us there will be major changes.

"We have strict guidelines with no felons," He said "I don't want to speak for the previous owner but i know the tenant base is going significantly improve with us."

Rolando Barrera City Council member for district 3 said that he is going to speak to Chief Markle about safety in the area.

"I am definitely going to visit with him to see what it is exactly it is we are gonna do to make sure we are getting the coverage that we need in that sector" Barrera said, "To ensure we have police presence as well."

We reached out to determine if the apartment complex had any violations, we have yet to hear back.