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A coffee shop in Kingsville offers a 'priceless' menu

Posted at 7:54 PM, Mar 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-21 23:34:03-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Kingsville Coffee Cup is located in downtown Kingsville and offers the community much more than just a simple cup of coffee.

The coffee shop stands on paying what you want for any, and how ever many, cups of coffee you get.

This gives people a chance to not only drink some delicious coffee, but also engage with the community.

“The concept came from my second-grade teacher," owner Bruce Harvil said. "She had a saying that she would tell are her students, and it was do the right thing — because it is the right thing to do and that kind of stuck with me all through my life.”

Harvil opened Kingsville Coffee Cup over a year ago, a few years after his retirement.

However, this coffee shop opened with a unique concept: you pay whatever you feel necessary for your cup of coffee.

“We are here for the community to talk to each other, to play games and to have a good time, coffee is kind of secondary, community is first,” Harvil said.

Despite coffee being secondary at Harvil’s shop, his coffee menu is one of the biggest coffee menus in the world.

“It keeps growing and growing and growing and now it is up to 272 ways to make coffee.” Harvil said.

At first, Harvil was hesitant about the concept of paying what you want because of the financial impact it could’ve had.

However, he said the community has been very grateful and reasonable.

“Since we are community based, we believe that the community does the right thing," Harvil said. "Yes there are some people that pay less and some people that pay more, and it all averages out.”

Customers do not only take a cup of coffee with them after leaving the shop, they are able to take something more valuable.

“The other amazing part is that we will have a bunch of people in here and not a single person is on their cellphone," Harvil said. "They are talking, they are playing games, they are communicating, and that’s what we are after.”

Kingsville Coffee Cup is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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