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2 tugboats, barge remain submerged in bay near Ocean Drive

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-03 19:35:26-04


Friday came and went and a marooned barge and half-sunk tugboat weren’t moved out of the bay.

And an attempt to remove them over the weekend, resulted in another tug boat taking on water.

We’ve been reporting on the issue since Thursday the barge and tug boat, however, has been here since May 10.

As of today, according to the General Land Office, a large barge with a crane was being sent to lift the sunken tugboat out of the water and transport it and the barge away from the area.

So far, that hasn’t happened.

Just to give you a recap of why the barge is out here, it was to be used for a fireworks display at a local non-profit fundraiser. But because of weather on the original day of the party, the fireworks were never fired off.

A tug boat that was used to transport the barge began taking on water. The man who brought the two, David Croft, left the now sunken tugboat and the barge docked but never came to pick them up.

That was more than three weeks ago.

Since then, the Coast Guard and the GLO have been out here to investigate.

Croft was supposed to meet with the GLO Friday morning to start the removal of the vessels,  but never showed and never called to cancel.

Over the weekend another tugboat was sent to remove the vessels, but that one also began taking on water.

Now we’ve made multiple calls to David Croft who was in charge of the vessels and moving them, but we haven’t heard back.

And for now, it’s just an eyesore for residents in the area to deal with.

It’s something they’ve been dealing with since May 10.

There was some concern about the fuel and oil in the vessels.

But we’re told by the GLO that no fuel or oil was discharged from either vessel.