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Local nurse practitioner offers tips to Beach to Bay Runners

Posted at 3:15 PM, May 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-17 19:29:32-04


Thousands of runners will take part in 2019 Beach to Bay relay marathon.

Beach to Bay is one of the largest relay marathons in the United States and covers more than 26 miles. Nurse practitioners at Physicians Premiere say the key is taking your time during the run and to stay hydrated.

“It does get hot and it does get humid and you will dehydrate very quickly. So, if you don’t hydrate the night before or if you don’t hydrate during the race, you will end up very sickly,” nurse practitioner Kathy Acosta said.

She also recommends taking a camel pack. The hydration packs carry water for long-distance runs, hikes or bike trails.


Drinking alcohol the night before is a big no-no.

“If you’re going to eat pasta, that’s fine but no booze the night before. Booze increases dehydration very quickly. You will be up all night going to the bathroom anyway. So, drink water. Stick to water,” Acosta added.

She also said Gatorade is fine.

Choosing the right clothing and shoe wear should also be a runner’s top priority.

“Wear well-fitting shoes that you’re comfortable in,” she said. “Something that you’ve worn before. Do not wear new shoes. It’s going to be nasty and they will just run blisters on your feet.”

Wearing loose, comfortable clothing that can keep you cool is also good for runners.

“Don’t rub friction. When you’re running, your arms are going, It will run blisters on your nipples, blisters all over the place.”

Also, wear sunscreen and take your time. Acosta said it’s more important that runners are safe and take their time to get through the race safely.

“We’ve had several people go down halfway through,” she said. “The two worst legs.

“Leg 3 from the Island to the Bluff, what you need to know is that bridge, you have water at the end of that bridge and then three miles later you have water. There is no water on that bridge, which is why Tent 3 where I work is a very, very busy tent because people don’t get enough hydration.”

In order to avoid becoming ill, runners should eat a balanced breakfast. Acosta said children who take part in Beach to Bay also need to eat.

Acosta also had several tips for parents who have children participating in the race.

She recommends parents write their name and phone number on their children’s sleeve or on the back of their shirt.

“If there is an emergency and they end up in a medical tent, a lot of times they don’t remember your number. They may not be able to remember their own name. If we have to transport them from the hospital, we have to know who you are and not wonder what your number is.”

Beach to Bay begins at 7 a.m. Saturday at Bob Hall Pier. It ends at McCaughan Park on Shoreline Boulevard.