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Fire ants popping up by the mounds after heavy rain

Posted at 1:43 PM, May 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-14 18:33:18-04

The recent rains have sent mosquito populations up and it seems to have also stirred up fire ants. Their numbers are climbing, and their stings can be very painful.

Fire ants are attracted to moisture, so after last week’s heavy rains, mounds are popping up everywhere.

“I noticed about seven new mounds after the heavy rain the other day,” said Newana Lawhon, a Turner’s Gardenland customer.

Fire ants are in people’s yards, around sidewalks or in potted plants that are saturated with water. These bugs may be small and easy to miss, but their sting is painful.

“They sting like the devil and they hurt very, very much,” said Lawhon.

Some people even have allergic reactions to fire ant stings, which could send you to the hospital.

However, Terri Bagley, an employee at Turner’s Gardenland, says there is a home remedy if you get stung.

“That meat tenderizer that you use for cooking, put that on your sting to help eliminate that burn,” said Bagley.

If you do get stung, you should also wash the area with soap and water, or you can put butter on it to help alleviate some of the pain too.

Bagley also says it’s best to treat for fire ants as soon as you can, using chemicals and pesticides, to prevent them from multiplying. Plus, watch your step when walking outdoors.