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Homeschool is becoming a more popular choice in education

Posted at 6:50 PM, Apr 29, 2019

A growing trend in how your child learns, homeschooling is on the rise.

According to several local parents, homeschooling has risen significantly over the last 7 to 10 years. Among the primary factors for its growth include technology like social media and the addition of a sports program.

Parents we spoke to, who chose to make the switch from public or private education to home school say they did so because it allows them to tailor their child’s education specifically to them.

Stacey Sherman homeschooled her three children, providing benefits to each.

“Id they were struggling with something we could stop,” Sherman said. “We didn’t have to keep going because the classroom had to keep going. We could stop and spend more time on a particular problem subject and go over it and over it and over it until they got it.”

Homeschool students are not required to take state-mandated tests like the STAAR test. However, their grades must be submitted to the program the parent-teacher follows and will be tracked until they graduate.