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Prosecutor: More criminal charges ahead for OB-GYN

Posted at 4:22 PM, Apr 24, 2019


More criminal charges are expected in the case against a local doctor after several women came forward with sexual accusations.

They’ve accused OB-GYN Dr. Juan Villarreal of inappropriate sexual behavior that occurred during pelvic exams in his Calallen office, said state prosecutor Holt Feemster during a hearing this afternoon in the 148th Nueces County District Court. Corpus Christi police expect to file at least seven more charges connected to the case, he added.

Those allegations are still under investigation, and it’s unclear when it will finish, but once it has Feemster said that information will then go to a grand jury. Nueces County District Judge Carlos Valdez asked for a timeline. Feemster could not provide one because he said that’s up to police.

Valdez has set another court hearing in the case for mid-July.

Back in October, a grand jury indicted Dr. Villarreal on three counts sexual assault involving patients. The Texas Medical Board has temporarily suspended Dr. Villarreal’s license.

Dr. Villarreal has denied those accusations through his attorney Ron Barroso. After the court hearing, Barroso said more women have come forward because police provided a public invitation through local media. Also, he said the length of time it’s taken to investigate those accusations has had a detrimental effect on his client who has been out of work and cannot return to work until the criminal matter is resolved.