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Hillcrest Church left looking for answers as Harbor Bridge begins construction

Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 23:36:58-04


Residents and businesses have started to relocate because they are in the construction zone for the new bridge and many are able to sign up for a volunteer program that pays for you relocation. However for the Hillcrest Church of Christ, they are caught in a bind.

Their deadline to accept the money offered and relocate is this Friday, but they feel the money offered is not enough.

“They came and they gave us a offer packet for our building that was nowhere near what was on appraisal district’s list,” Pastor Jimmie Arceneaux said.

The amount of money that is offered to the business is from one of two appraisals and according to the Pastor and his wife, they do not believe the city gave them a fair price.

“We just renovated this sanctuary, we renovated the recreation area and the roof is a new roof.”

The choice to relocate is completely voluntary, however the Pastor and his wife, Shelena, say they have no choice. The construction around them has drove away their congregation and ruined the surrounding neighborhood.

“We have had people call and say are you guys still open,” Shelena said. “They thought we were closed because they could not get in.”

The money given by the city is for the family to find a new building or piece of property in which they could start new. Aside from the price being too low to do either, their search has been futile.

“None of these buildings that we’ve looked at is nowhere near to here.”

Now with the deadline date fast approaching, the Arceneaux’s have little time to make a life changing decision, and hope that the city comes back with a better offer.